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Naise, Make every moment count

Naise is the app you need to have when going out! Find local events and places (Think: bars, clubs, etc.) with all the information you need while being in a safe environment. It is a free app where you can find festivals, youth (student) movement activities, concerts, local activities, bars, clubs, cafés and so much more. (Fact: Did you know there are more than 8 festival apps in Belgium alone? The problem is, after the festival is done you don't use these apps anymore. This is where Naise wants to help you out and be the app you need!)

Download it in now on the IOS and Android!

For individuals, like you and me

What can individuals do with Naise?

  • Free platform to find local events and places (Bars, clubs, etc.)
  • All info about them on one platform (Opening hours, timetables, tickets, FAQ, etc.)
  • Direct safety tool for harassment or medical aid (notify staff, security, first aid and/or friends) Beta testing
  • Safety spectrum provided in a new way (Prevention with tips, tool for when in need, care after an incident) Beta testing
  • Use the app and get discounts in return (Festivals, escape rooms, drinks, concerts, etc.) Beta testing
  • Private lockers with friends to share and make content with a custom timeline Beta testing
  • View (live) content from events or places before, when and after you go

Naise is the safe space app you need to download to go out and discover local events and places!

*(All the safety tips, tricks and guidelines are provided by our partners Sensoa and Safe'n sound (VAD))

For event organizers or (bar, club, etc.) owners

Young people are shifting from Facebook and Instagram to TikTok. We noticed that events and places (bar, club, etc.) found it hard to promote their events on TikTok. Therefore we created an interactive platform where you can post your event or place and where users are doing the advertising for you. This platform is easy to use and comes with a lot of free and futureproof features.

What can event organizers or (bar, club, etc.) owners do with Naise?

  • Free platform to post your events and/or your place (Map, grid and content overview)
  • Promotion by users in form of digital mouth to mouth (Users are rewarded to share content)
  • Posting content, timetables, FAQ, parking, etc. is totally free
  • Free medical and harassment button to assist visitors (not obligated to use it) Beta testing
  • No sensitive ratings are public so you can analyze them yourself (Harassment issues, medical, (dis)like, etc.)
  • Voucherstore to boost sales and/or visibility (Sell your product or service with flexible discounts) Beta testing
  • Get check-ins to know how much people there are (Users get rewards for doing so this will be accurate over time)
  • Get analysis for free (Who watches your video's and does a check-in and buys a voucher and is a recurring visitor) Beta testing

Naise is supossed to be the one and only platform you will need to download. Create content and let users share it via digital mouth to mouth, be visible on a map with all the info you want (Opening hours, timetables, tickets, FAQ, etc.), have free to use safety features (the direct contact button is fully distributable to who you want and is not obligatory), sell your service or product with flexible discounts to boost sales or visibility (Our voucherstore lets you set up the maximum discount you prefer. Users can trade in coins to receive the maximum discount but less coins leads to less discounts, this is a very flexible system where you can set the limit.) and so much more.

You can pay if you want but is not necessary to use the platform. We want to be transparent so below we listed what is payable:

  • Want to sell tickets? You can but there will be a commission. Beta testing
  • Want to promote and event or post (like you can on Facebook)? You can but this will cost you minimum €0,71/day (Excl. VAT) Beta testing
  • Want to sell vouchers on the app? You can but there will be a commission. (Want to be one of the first to sell vouchers via us? Mail to and you can be one of the first vouchers people will see when they open the app!) Beta testing

Our trusted partners are UitInVlaanderen & Sensoa. More partnerships are in the making but feel free to contact us if you have any questions or proposal on