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Your shield against harassment, your lifeline in medical needs!

For a safer night out, Naise is your go-to solution. When you attend an event with Naise, you gain direct access to event organizers with one push of a button. This means that if you ever need assistance, whether it's from the bar, security, or first aid, you can easily reach out for immediate help. You'll never have to search for assistance again at any event. Whether you witness harassment, require medical assistance or want to help someone else, you can always reach out to the event organizer. Through live location chat, the event organizer can pinpoint your whereabouts and offer assistance from afar

If you find contacting them a bit daunting, no worries – you can also instantly alert all your friends at once. Even if you're not at an event, you can still easily reach out to your friends with a single click, sharing your live location and getting the help you need.

Why should you download Naise if you've never required medical assistance or witnessed harassment? Here's why:

  1. Be a Helper: With Naise, you can lend a hand to others in need and easily reach out to event organizers for assistance.

  2. Event Discovery: Naise is not just for emergencies. It's also your go-to interactive event finder. Discover timetables, purchase tickets (Coming soon), access event content, and much more.

  3. Instant Access: Having the app means you're just a tap away from requesting help in case anything unexpected occurs.

  4. Embrace Safe Outings: Naise makes going out safely not just easy but enjoyable too.

  5. It is free for everyone: Just like safety apps should be.

Download now and be prepared for any eventuality.

Available now on IOS & Android

Transforming safety & care

We extend our support beyond immediate assistance; we prioritize prevention and follow-up care. Naise collaborates with Sensoa to provide guidance on identifying and addressing harassment. Our after-care services encloses both online and physical support, guiding you to nearby safe spaces and guidance centers.

Our mission is to prevent extreme cases of harassment or medical emergencies, whether it's on a yearly, monthly, daily, or even hourly basis. Naise is your constant companion, ready to assist you whenever you need it. To ensure access for all, we've made the app entirely free. This includes event organizers, who can utilize the alert feature without any charges. They also benefit from our flexible system, allowing them to set up teams (Coming soon) that receive alerts tailored to their specific needs.

Combining safety and events

We observed that individuals who hadn't experienced the need for medical assistance or witnessed harassment at events were less inclined to download our app**. However, we realized that they might still be interested if they could discover interactive events with corresponding information. As safety and events naturally complement each other, every event organizer prioritizes visitor safety. This synergy brings several advantages:

  1. Instant Assistance: Even if they don't anticipate needing help, users already have the app to notify event organizers in case assistance is required for them or for others.

  2. Event Information at Your Fingertips: Users can easily access all the details about their favorite events. Buy tickets, find the parking, ground plans, time table, etc.

  3. Content Creation and Sharing: They can find, create, and share content about their event experiences, becoming local influencers.

Did you know that the 7 biggest festivals in Belgium each have their separate apps, and after the event ends, these apps lie dormant for an entire year?

That's why we've integrated events into our app – to become the go-to event app for smaller events that lack the capacity to develop and maintain it on their own.