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I cannot find my activation code and do not get one if I press resend?

  • That could be the case, just wait 2 minutes and try again. The system should send an activation code to the provided mail, also check if your mail was not wrong by trying to register again. If it's still not working check the question below before mailing Naise.

When I enter the activation code I get, "Code expired"?

  • We have noticed that some people have entered the correct code and get this error. Simply close the app (fully close it and not still active in the background) and try to login again, your account should now be working. This is an issue that we are fixing but it happens every few times, sorry for the inconvenience. If it's still not fixed you can DM Naise on Instagram "" or mail to

Why is the notification button for harassment or medical aid not on the app like you promissed?

  • We are still developing this feature and want to make sure the button works perfect so no improper use can be done. This would waste valuable time from the organisation or other parties but also from individuals that really need help. Therefore, we are postponing it as we will do test events so that everything works as it should be. (Improper use can result in a ban from the venue but can also result in an IP ban from the app. We don't want valuable time wasted by someone resulting in something that we rather leave unspoken.)

How does the notification button work for harassment or medical assitance?

You will be able to contact the (bar)staff, security, first aid your friends or someone else that the organisation set up to get the cases. (The system is very flexible as some events or places do not have all services named above.)

  1. Make sure you have a check-in at the place where you are.
  2. Push the notification button and select the emergency you have.
  3. The notification will pop up on the helpers phone with only the type of emergency that you shose, no name, age, sex, picture or (exact)location will be shown. (This is to prevent selectiveness so that everyone gets treated equally)
  4. When the helper accepts the case a chat will open with the victim so that they can communicate when needed while going to the location. (Now all the info of the third step is provided.)
  5. The case is handled and closed but feedback is needed. (No survey type of feedback, just brief notes so we can check and improve our system. The chat will also auto delete after the case is closed.)
  6. After a case we will try to assist the victim with info from our partners. (For a harassment case for example the closest safe space on the event will be shown and so on for drugs or alcohol.)

When the the button is not active on an event (the organiser or owner can choose this themselves) you will be able to notify your friends or trustperson(s) wherever you are. It is also possible to notify someone who is not on the app via sms.

How can I collect coins and what can I do with them?

  • You can collect coins by adding people with your code, by doing a check-in and so much more. Every action gives a different amount of coins.
  • The coins you have can be used to get discounts in our voucherstore. In this store you will have a 10% standard discount on everything, extra discounts can be achieved by trading in coins. There is a maximum discount set by the publisher that will be visible, this is the maximum discount you can get by trading in coins.

Example: You can go to a local escape room with 10% but you have saved up some coins. When you trade in all your coins you can get a 40% total discount which is Naise. You can also choose to trade in coins to get a 25% discount so you can use the rest of your coins on another deal. You can choose the discount you want on which voucher you want.

When I add someone with my QR-code or they register with my link, I do not get any coins?

  • That is correct, you only get coins with referrals if the person has activated their account. Ask them to activate their account with the latest activation code found in their mailbox (Check spam as the mail comes from

Did you not find the appropriate answer to your question please DM Naise on Instagram "" or mail to